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The Hawkesbury Valley Family Counselling Service employs a professionally qualified counsellor with experience in a range of areas. The service is Christian inasmuch as it is funded and supported by the Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church and the counsellor is a Christian. Counselling sessions may incorporate exploration of faith and spirituality but only if a client chooses to do so. Equally, it may be something never spoken of. In a safe, caring space you will be able to explore and unravel the complexities of your experiences and find alternate ways of thinking, feeling and doing.

Meet the Counsellor

Anna Felice - Bachelor of Counselling & Human Change

annafeliceCurrently I am the only counsellor at this service. My years of experience include work with people experiencing anxiety & depression, trauma (PTSD), sexual abuse, anger management, relationships, suicide ideation, family dysfunction, spirituality & purpose, mental health issues, grief & loss, addiction, working through barriers to employment and more.

I have particular interests in young people struggling within our culture and in adults recovering from past trauma. Additionally I have spent 2 years immersed in group work; observing and participating in them. This has provided me with a great understanding of and a passion for relationships and communication processes between individuals within groups. In turn, my ability to work with couples and families is sound indeed.

I have a strong Christian faith which may be evident in my work through the equality I share with those who come in to talk with me. I firmly believe (and am constantly reminded) that through the process of counselling both of us change; we learn and grow from each other. Additionally, my respect for your own religious beliefs is unquestionable and any discussions of faith or spirituality are of your choosing and of your direction.

I find it an absolute joy and a privilege to work with people who are wanting to bring positive changes to their lives and who are engaged in the process of change that counselling offers. I look forward to meeting you when the time is right.


To make an appointment, you can call 0432 154 455 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Hawkesbury Valley Family Counselling Service operates on Tuesdays.


Family Income Fee
Below $30,000 per annum $40
$30-50,000 per annum $60
$50-70,000 per annum $80
$70-90,000 per annum $100
Over $90,000 per annum $120


This schedule guides the fee charged. We understand that circumstances change and that at times it may be difficult to pay the full agreed amount. Please talk to your counsellor about this as there is some room for movement in these fees. Additionally, from time to time, and in particular situations, HVBC will cover the fees for counselling.

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